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“I’m Afraid He Might Fall”

Have you ever been nervous when you’ve seen someone who needs to be using a  walker to get around, but doesn’t for some reason? Sometimes it can be downright scary. You know it’s just a matter of time before they stumble and fall. But what can you do, right?

Well, one thing you can do is investigate why they’re not using their walker in the first place.

In some cases, it’s just plain stubborness. In others it can be outright denial.  But, still in other cases, the person actually can have a legitimate reason why their not willing to use a walker to get around their home.

It could be that the walker is too heavy or has a dragging feeling that makes using it a chore. If this is the case, inspect it to see if the wheels move freely or that the back legs have not worn down to the aluminum. Both of these problems can make the walker drag along and wear a person out when their pushing it from room to room.

Another legitimate reason that people tend not to use their walker is that it’s too big, gets in the way, or, they have a hard time getting it through their doorways or other tight spots. It may just be a matter of you getting the walker and pushing it around the home just to see what it’s like.

This last reason for not using a walker is common for people who live in older, or, small or cramped homes. This is specifically true for anyone living in a manufactured or mobile home. The doorways and hallways tend to be a little smaller than that of newer construction or larger homes.  So, it has to do with the width of the front wheel walker.

How Some People Work Around This Problem

Well, if this is the case for you I have a small hack that many people have used to make getting around their homes easier. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t cost any money. This hack is usually done on a folding walker with wheels.

If someone is having trouble negotiating narrow spaces with their walker, or, the wheels of the walker get caught on the door jams, moulding, or get tangled up in wires, it’s because they are on the outside of the walker.

What some people have done is to switch the front legs of the walker to the opposite sides. They take the right leg/wheel off and slip it onto the left side. Likewise they do the same with the left leg/wheel. The result is this:

Walker with wheels on inside.

Compare the two pictures in this article. Look closely and notice how much room is gained when the wheels are on the inside versus on the outside. This seems like it can make passing through a narrow doorway (typically and bathroom) a lot easier.

For some it’s a simple “hack” for a front wheel rolling walker that makes getting around the home a little easier.

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